The Bright Choice, exceeding customers expectations for over 35 years.

As a General Electrical contractor with over 35 years of experience, Paul Werner is still hands on and does most of the work himself. For larger jobs he has a network of sub contractor’s and labor pool service providers to form teams on a per job basis. Photon Electric Inc. was founded to provide consulting and electrical expertise to large commercial and residential solar companies that need a higher level of electrical design and build skills.

We specialize in design support, inspections, project management, system testing and analyzing for optimum performance and also we are experts in advanced trouble shooting and repairs. Over the past few years we have developed many satisfied customers and with our partners we have successfully completed large commercial and residential electrical and solar projects throughout California. Choosing an Electrical Contractor is an important decision, “Make the Bright Choice” and call Paul Werner and Photon Electric Inc. to join your team.
• Photovoltaic Solar Design Expert
• Independent Solar and Electrical Inspection Service
• Custom Design and Build Photovoltaic Systems
• Solar System Performance Testing and Optimization
• Advanced Solar Trouble Shooting and Repairs
• System and Component Testing and Documentation
• Large Commercial Solar Annual Inspection Service
• Custom Electrical and Solar Service Upgrades
Paul Werner, CEO of Photon Electric Inc., is a California State licensed Electrical Contractor with five years of union electrician training. He brings a broad base of commercial, industrial and residential electrical design build experience to his clients.

2016 • We now offer commercial and residential drone videography/photography for; rooftop inspection, infrared array troubleshooting, including marketing video services for all of our solar projects.
We're growing our client base in Southern California, and we continue to work statewide expanding our solar trouble shooting and solar array maintenance work. Using the latest technologies, we can now test and evaluate any solar electric system regardless of size and complexity and ensure that it is performing up to expected standards, and make any necessary repairs or upgrades to meet our client’s needs. We have also gained experienced in deploying and operating the Enertis Solar Mobil Test Lab.

2015 • Contracted with High Definition Solar and provided electrical installations for 90 residential projects, including a 97.2 Kilowatt rooftop apartment building in Fremont, CA. We also completed a new 7 meter commercial service for 6 residential duplex living spaces. This year we acquired two drone quad copters, with a hi-def camera, to use in a variety of videography/photography and inspection services.

2014 • A great collaboration with our engineering partners Brice Casebeer and Matt Baxley, and their new Solar engineering and development company Stellavise Inc.

2013 • Photon Electric was introduced to Enertis Solar Inc. a solar engineering and development company based in Spain. Enertis contracted CEO Paul Werner to help work with a team of engineers to perform IV curve testing, infrared photography, performance data collection and visual inspections on five multi megawatt solar power plants all over California and on the east coast. This was very exciting work and I look forward to doing more in the future.

2012 • Photon Electric Inc. contracted with solar developer Ecoplexus Inc. to support construction of Virtual Net Metering solar jobs. Some of our valuable services we provided were meeting and working with engineers from the electrical utilities company to gain their approval of our interconnection and line tap designs. Also we went through the same process with the local building inspectors and engineers representing Underwriter Laboratories to make modifications to electrical service equipment while maintaining the UL listing certifications and compliance to local building codes.

2011 • Photon helped in the startup of the Solar Developer "REP Energy Inc." The team constructed numerous Virtual Net Metering commercial solar jobs for housing projects throughout California. These varied in size from 40-kilowatts to 200-kilowatts. Photon Electric provided expertise in design of these large multiple solar inverter installations and also project management.

2009 • Contracted with Real Goods Marin Solar and provided electrical installations on commercial solar projects, including custom three phase electrical service upgrades.


"Paul and his team at Photon Electric have worked with us for almost five years installing commercial rooftop solar arrays, as well as follow up Operations and Maintenance.

The team is professional, prompt, and courteous, providing a seamless integration of the development side of our business to the on-site work.

We value his input during the design phase, and any suggestions he has during installation to make for a more efficient and economical project, while at the same time maintaining quality and durability. Paul is our go-to guy when we have a problem w/one of our other projects – he’s done a great job troubleshooting work done by other installers, finding the source of the problem, and making a permanent repair.

We look forward to another five years with Photon!!"

J. Halsey Kendrick
Project Manager
Ecoplexus Solar Solutions

Paul Werner
Lic. #C-10 367339
Serving California
Since 1978